Essential Oils for Balanced Sleep

An estimated 30% of Americans report sleeping for only 6 or fewer hours per night according to a study performed by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. A lack of sleep inhibits hormone production, it causes brain fog and a lack of cognitive ability, affects mood, and even suppresses the immune system – hardly creating the atmosphere needed for a balanced life. The lavender essential oil in a diffuser can help to soothe your body and relax your mind, inducing sleep when you need it most. This sleep support effect can help to bring balance not only to your life but to your body’s energy stores as well.

Lavender isn’t the only essential oil to benefit sleep, and when mixed with chamomile essential oil you can ramp up the soothing and comforting aromatherapy benefits.

Treating Yourself Kindly With Essential Oils

Sometimes the biggest thing you can do to bring balance to your life is to treat yourself kindly. All too often we place incredible pressures on ourselves and beat ourselves up for not making unreasonable expectations, and it does nothing to balance our emotions and our well-being. Showing yourself some self-care and self-love once in a while can help to lift your spirits in a really amazing way, and this is where essential oils come in.

Essential oils can be enjoyed in more ways than aromatherapy necklaces or oil diffuses. With carrier oil, they can also be added to a bath or bath products to provide yourself with a luxurious and pampering experience. Energizing oils like bergamot or spearmint, or soothing oils like lavender and chamomile, help to bring you away from those negative thoughts and emotions as you show yourself a little appreciation.

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